Adopt-A-Plant Project

November last year, we kick started our Adopt-A-Plant project at our Marsiling home. With assistance from our staff, our residents get to water and nurture their personal seedlings on a daily basis.


With this new program, one of our priorities is to encourage our residents to be physically active through this hands-on and sensory experience. Gardening is known to provide various physical and mental health benefits, studies have shown that gardening is known to reduce blood pressure, promotes relaxation and improve sleep.


This meaningful activity creates a sense of satisfaction and achievement for our residents when their plant grows and flourishes. By allowing our residents to experience success, we aim to increase their self-esteem and promote empowerment by letting them have control. Also, by being in nature and outdoors, the Adopt-A-Plant project improves their overall wellbeing and encourages social interaction with our staff through their daily gardening interaction.


Since then, this project has rolled out to other branches and our residents have been diligently watering and taking care of their plants. Together with our residents, we continue to work towards creating a home close to nature.