At Orange Valley, we believe that social responsibility encompasses not just corporate volunteerism, but also ethical practice and environmental sustainability. Over the years, our corporate social responsibility programme has helped build up our social capital of trust and reputation in both business circles and in the community.

With top management’s support, the spirit of volunteerism is cultivated in all ranks of staff and our passion to serve is reflected in our volunteer programmes.

Upholding high moral and ethical standards has also enabled us to persevere in a fast growing industry. We believe in equal treatment for all residents and staff, and stringent accounting transparency.

Volunteer With Us

We actively canvass for volunteers to engage and bring cheer to our elderly residents. Many of whom may lose touch with the outside world due to physical or mental disabilities. Volunteers may be student groups, working adults, religious organisations, pet therapists or community help groups.

Here are some ways one can volunteer with Orange Valley:

  • Games & Performances
    Volunteers can play board games or other games with the elderly. They may also perform for the elderly.
  • Social and Educational Outings
    Volunteers can accompany our residents on social or educational outings. During such trips, volunteers can engage the elderly by explaining to them what is going on so as to let them know what they can expect, mingle and interact with them to establish further bonding.