Clinical Instructor


  • To plan, coordinate and provide clinical guidance and supervision to nurses and nursing students.
  • To conduct regular clinical training and competency assessment for nurses to ensure clinical compliance.
  • To perform clinical nursing audits and suggest interventions for quality improvement in care delivery outcomes.
  • Assist to develop training materials and lesson curriculum.
  • To participate in clinical quality improvement initiatives.
  • To assist in collating of training data and evaluating training effectiveness.
  • When required to assist as a staff nurse in the nursing wards to ensure smooth nursing home operations.


  • Highest Education Level: Diploma / Degree in Nursing
  • Years working experience: 5 years ward clinical experience with minimal 2 years as Staff Nurse I and as Preceptor for at least 1 year.
  • Any professional License required: Register Nurse with Singapore Nursing Board
  • Preferred: Teaching or Training certifications – ACTA, ITE-TTT. Preferably with an advance / specialist diploma in any nursing discipline.

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