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How Assisted Living With Orange Valley Helped Me Gain More Independence

The common misconception that many older adults and seniors have is that moving into a private nursing home means giving up their independence, freedom, and privacy. We often worry that assisted living in nursing homes, even if only for short-term respite care, will render us useless and deprive us of our free time to do whatever we want. This is exactly how I felt before I decided to stay in Orange Valley.

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Understanding Rehabilitation Services For Seniors In Singapore

Upon recovering from a major illness, injury or planned surgery, your elderly loved one’s doctor may (order physiotherapy and send them to a rehabilitation centre to facilitate their recovery process) send by suggest sending them to a rehabilitation centre to facilitate their recovery process. Rehabilitation services for seniors stretch beyond physical therapy. It can also aid in restoring and boosting seniors’ cognitive abilities. In some nursing homes, rehabilitation services also include speech therapy for stroke patients.

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Opening of Institutionalized Treatment Facilities Wannabe Care Home for Public Rehabilitation Care Appointments

In an interview, Vivian Yip, Vice President of Wantage Care Home, said she hoped that the new center could provide other care services to more elderly people in need and help them age in place without hospitalization. The new nursing home at Mariston Road has started operation this month. Apart from providing 118 beds to provide a comfortable rehabilitation space for the elderly in need, the home has also opened up its on-site rehabilitation treatment facilities to the public for walk-in care by appointment.

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