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Benefits of Luxury Nursing Homes with Full Continuum of Care for Your Loved Ones

Premium nursing homes with a full continuum of care offer a remarkable solution for seniors and their families seeking an elevated standard of living and comprehensive support. These exceptional facilities go beyond the traditional nursing home setting, providing a seamless range of services that cater to seniors’ evolving needs as they age. 

人工智能机器人陪伴 独居老人较不孤单


企业文化深得人心 好雇主留人有方


The Benefits of High-End Rehabilitative Services for Seniors in Nursing Homes

As we progress through life, physical and cognitive changes occur and for many seniors, these changes necessitate additional care and support to preserve their well-being. High-end rehabilitative services are specialised care and support services catered to the needs of the elderly, commonly available in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. These services are mainly designed to help seniors recover from illness or surgery, manage chronic diseases and improve their quality of life.

Common Factors For Seeking Respite Care

Though caring for a loved one can be rewarding and fulfilling, there are challenges that come with it. Caregivers may find themselves managing multiple responsibilities, from administering medication to providing a balanced diet, while ensuring the safety and well-being of a loved one. T

A Celebrative Day at Orange Valley Active Ageing Centre (Woodlands Peak)

On 24 May 2023, a delightful festive event took place at our Orange Valley Active Ageing Centre (AAC) (Woodlands Peak) as we celebrated Hari Raya Puasa and Parent’s Day together!  

Singapore’s Best Employers 2023

Orange Valley Nursing Homes is proud to be ranked amongst the top 10 of Singapore’s Best Employers 2023. This is a large-scale and comprehensive employer study that assesses the attractiveness of employers in Singapore based on an independent employee survey.

Early Signs Of Dementia

If you are concerned that your elderly parents might suffer from dementia, it is important that you keep an eye out for these early warning signs.

A Guide for Caregivers: How to Cope with a Negative Ageing Parent

A negative ageing parent may be feeling depressed because of dementia. Learn more about dementia care and how you can help them cope with the negativity.

How Assisted Living With Orange Valley Helped Me Gain More Independence

Assisted living in private nursing homes may be an idea we’re not comfortable with, but it has helped some of our seniors gain more independence. Find out more.

Tips to Help Your Senior Parents Find Purpose as They Age

We all need a sense of purpose in life in order to get through difficult days and achieve potential. Without a sense of purpose, one may constantly feel bored, dissatisfied, and empty, which can result in a slew of negative feelings and emotions. 

Choosing The Most Suitable Care Service For Your Elderly In Singapore

There are many care services available in elderly nursing homes these days. The best option for your elderly loved one depends on their specific needs.

5 Engaging Activities For Elderly

Oftentimes, seniors in nursing homes feel bored and lonely as they adapt their social schedules and exercise routines to meet their body’s needs.

Should I Send My Elderly Loved One To Respite Care?

Providing care for an ageing loved one is no easy feat and many caregivers suffer from burnout. More often than not, people often struggle to balance the demands of being a caregiver, committing to their careers.

Telling the difference between dementia and age-related memory loss

People can experience memory loss or memory distortion at any age. Some of these may become more pronounced with age.

How can I care for a person with dementia?

In Singapore, there are approximately one in 10 people above the age of 60 who suffer from dementia – about 82,000 people as of 2018 and increasing.

Learning to communicate with a loved one with dementia

Dementia is a condition characterised by a decline in cognitive function, that goes beyond what is expected with normal ageing

Caregiving tips: how to communicate better with my elderly parents?

Communication with elderly parents can be challenging because of their decline in memory…

4 ways that playing games benefit elderly in Singapore

Ageing well involves ageing actively – and games play an important role in doing that! As we age, we naturally experience a decline

A Guide To Caring For Your Elderly Loved Ones

As the Singapore population ages, many of us will be faced with the prospect of moving a senior family member into a nursing home.

A Brief Introduction to How Nursing Homes Work in Singapore

As the Singapore population ages, many of us will be faced with the prospect of moving a senior family member into a nursing home.

3 Ways to Create Healthy Intergenerational Relationship for Ageing Parents

This old adage has been ringing for generations. An elderly is truly a treasure at home and here’s why.

Anti-Inflammatory Food

Inflammation is a part of your body’s normal response to infection or injury. Signs of inflammation may not be obvious, but for others, chronic inflammation can increase one’s risk to illness.

Healthy Eating Tips To Strengthen Immune System

Strengthen your immune system with these healthy eating tips! • Eat When Food Is Hot  •  Eat More Cooked Leafy Vegetables


Understanding Respite Care

Caring for a loved one can be rewarding as well as physically and emotionally demanding. From time to time, caregivers may need to take a short break from their caring role. This is where respite care comes in.

When is Short-Term Nursing Home Care Necessary?

As the name suggests, short-term care is a type of nursing home service that can last anywhere from a few days to weeks. Find out when it’s necessary.

Orange Valley Changi Care Village Open House Day!

On 21st September 2019, Changi Care Village officially reopened with Guest Of Honour, SMS Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, gracing our open house ceremony and helped to plant a tree to commemorate the reopening.

Multi-Sensory Room

Our new multi-sensory room is used to relax, stimulate or energize, as a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus, by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the needs of the resident at the time of use.

Reduce The Risk Of Falling

Fall among the elderly can cause physical and psychological issues, so it is important to nip the problem in the bud. Read More about our story featured on The Sunday Times:

OV Got Talent

Talent and energetic performance took centre stage at Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre on Friday as our residents showcased their musical and vocal performances.

Retro Pop Carnival at Balestier

Orange Valley Balestier Care Centre held its first carnival event, Retro Pop at BT, since its opening in January 2018. This carnival is an event for residents, their families and caregivers to bond and interact with each other.

A Dedicated Husband And Caregiver

Mr Lim Kheng Ann was recognized at this year’s Healthcare Humanity Awards under Caregiver Category for his exemplary dedication and selflessness to caring for his wife.

Adopt A Plant Project

November last year, we kick-started our Adopt-A-Plant project. Since then, on a daily basis, our residents have been diligently watering and nurturing their plants with assistance from our staff.

GeriCare Programme Graduation

We would like to congratulate 7 of our of staffs that graduated from the Telegeriatric Nurse Training Course and the Advance Palliative Care Course for Long Term Care Nurses, organised by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Gericare,

Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2019

This year was a milestone win for Orange Valley at the Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2019. 26 of our staff took home the silver award for their outstanding effort towards quality care and service for our residents.

Basic Caregiver Training

Join us and learn the methods for administering proper care to your loved ones. Limited seats available, register here now:


For more information, email us at or call us at +65 6499 4699.

Your Partner In Ageing Health Talk

Learn how to take care of you and your loved ones’ aged needs. Join us for an eventful afternoon to understand about elderly nutrition and fall prevention!


Admission is Free! Limited seats available, register here now: Look forward to the programmes lined up for you!

Orange Valley opens sixth home, plans Expansion

FRESH from opening its sixth location in Balestier, Orange Valley Nursing Homes is looking into expanding abroad and is also eyeing business areas beyond inpatient treatment.

Orange Valley opens sixth home

Orange Valley Nursing Homes has opened its sixth home, in Balestier, making it the largest operator of such facilities here with more than 1,000 beds.


Its latest nursing home started operations on Jan 2 and has 118 beds, supported by nearly 20 staff, Orange Valley told the media during a tour of the new home yesterday. The new facility will also offer short-term..

开放院内治疗设施 旺年护理之家让预约公众复健护理

旺年护理之家副总裁叶慧慧受访时说,她希望新中心能 为更多有需要的年长者提供其他护理服务,协助他们无 需住院也能安心、健康地原地养老。

Rumah penjagaan Orang Valley ke-6 di Balestier

PRESIDEN Halimah Yacob mengunjungi Universiti Teknologi Nanyang (NTU) buat kali pertamanya sebagai canselor baru universiti itu semalam.


Dalam lawatannya itu, Puan Halimah (dua dari kanan) diberi taklimat mengenai daya usaha pendidikan dan penyelidi