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Opening of Institutionalized Treatment Facilities Wannabe Care Home for Public Rehabilitation Care Appointments

Uploaded On: 18 Jan 2018

When interviewed, Vivian Yip, Vice President of Want Nin Care Home, said she hoped the new center could provide other care services to more elderly people in need, helping them to age in place with peace of mind and in good health without the need for hospitalization.

The Winnie’s Care Home’s new nursing home at Mariston Road commenced operation this month. Apart from providing 118 beds to provide a comfortable rehabilitation space for elderly people in need, the home has also opened its on-site rehabilitation treatment facilities to the public for walk-in care by appointment.

The five-story Orange Valley Care Centre is located across the street from Shaw Plaza, the former site of ParkwayHealth Ambulatory Surgery and Medical Center.

With the opening of this new nursing home, the six nursing homes under the Wantage Care Home umbrella provide a total of 1,027 beds, making it the largest private nursing home operator in Hong Kong.

Of the 118 beds in the Maristawong Nursing Home, two are segregation beds, 72 are subsidized beds and the remaining single, double and quadruple rooms are private beds. The monthly charges for private beds range from $3,500 to $9,000. The charges for subsidized beds depend on the means test of the family members of the residents, who generally receive up to 75% of the government subsidy.

We can accommodate 40 to 50 people a day.

Vivian Yip, Vice President of Wantage Care Home, said in an interview, “The biggest difference between this new nursing home and other nursing homes is that apart from providing rehabilitation care to the elderly in the home, members of the public who are referred from hospitals or come to the home can also come here for rehabilitation by appointment, thus eliminating the need to travel to and from hospitals.

“As the local community is aging, apart from taking care of the needs of the elderly in hospitals, we hope that the new center will also provide other care services to more elderly people in need and help them age in place without hospitalization, in peace of mind and in good health.”

Because the new nursing home’s rehab center will be open to “outsiders,” it is at least one-third larger than the rehab centers in the other nursing homes in the Viva Nursing Home, and can accommodate 40 to 50 people a day. A 45-minute session costs $70.

We understand that apart from this nursing home, there are other private nursing homes in Hong Kong which provide this type of on-site rehabilitation care service.

On the other hand, apart from those requiring rehabilitation treatment, the Maristawong Nursing Home has also set up a dedicated ward for elderly people suffering from dementia and will arrange for them to be taken care of by nurses who have received relevant training.

The home also offers respite care, where caregivers and their families temporarily care for the elderly.

The new nursing home also has a physiotherapy room, an auditorium and several lounges where elderly nursing home residents can relax and socialize with their families.

Ms YIP Wai-wai disclosed that they were also making preparations to provide infirmary care services for patients suffering from mental health disorders who were stabilized and discharged from hospitals with doctors’ approval.

She said, “A lot of preparation is needed to launch the service, such as arranging for nurses to receive relevant training and exploring what locations are suitable for the service. We hope to launch the service in the next three to five years.”

Singapore Press Holdings entered the healthcare industry last year with the $164 million acquisition of Invest Healthcare, which operates the Nursing Home in Mongkok.