Services and Facilities

From rehabilitation centres, food & nutrition services, and multi-purpose halls for recreational activities, our nursing homes are equipped with all the necessary facilities and services to keep residents comfortable, happy and healthy.

Rehabilitation Centres

Our rehabilitations centres are conveniently located within each nursing home.

Operated by a team of Allied Health Professionals, they plan specialised rehabilitation programs to aid optimum recovery for our residents.

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Therapy assistants

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, we have inpatient and outpatient clinics for treating different types of medical conditions.

Services include:

  • Sitting, Balance training
  • Upper, lower limb strengthening exercise
  • Ambulatory therapy
  • Stretching and maintenance physiotherapy
  • Speech assessment and therapy

Food & Nutrition Services


Good nutrition is important to staying healthy.Our dietitians work closely to prepare healthy meals according to our resident’s dietary needs. Served by our friendly team at well ventilated dining areas, these communal dining spaces ensure that our residents get to sit out of their own rooms for some communal dining.

Serviced by our sister company, Singapore Nutri Diet Industries, our residents are able to enjoy nutritious meals freshly cooked daily in a central kitchen.

We also provide home nutrition and dietetics services with packages such as Tube Feeding Nutrition and Supplemental Nutrition.

Multi-purpose halls

Designed to promote interaction among residents, our multi-purpose halls ensure that the residents socialise and sit out of their rooms for some chit chat, TV or interactive floor activities.