Your Partner in Ageing


A Dedicated Husband And Caregiver

Uploaded On: 06 May 2019

“Thank you and my deepest appreciation to all the staff of Simei Orange Valley who have looked after my wife and showered her with love and care for the past ten years.” – Mr Lim Kheng Ann

Mr Lim Kheng Ann quit his job to care for his wife, Mdm Soh, after she was diagnosed with severe dementia in 2006. A few years on, she suffered a stroke and Mr Lim could no longer manage looking after his wife alone. He reached out to Orange Valley for professional help and Mdm Soh has since been in the care of Orange Valley Nursing Home (Simei).

Mr Lim demonstrates his selflessness as a caregiver and a husband when visiting his wife on a daily basis at our Simei home. Even though Mdm Soh is uncommunicative, he never fails to put up a cheerful front as he spends almost 3-4 hours every day talking and caring for her. He discloses that it sometimes pains his heart to see his wife in her current condition. However, despite his own struggles with health, he always has the sweetest smile when showering her with love and care.

In April 2019, Mr Lim Kheng Ann was presented the Healthcare Humanity Awards 2019 under Caregiver Category to recognize his exemplary dedication and selflessness for his wife. Congratulations Mr Lim Kheng Ann, we have so much to learn from your optimistic spirit and dedication as a caregiver.