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Home Care Vs. Nursing Home: Which Is The Best Option For Your Loved Ones?

Selecting a suitable care arrangement for an elderly loved one with long-term care requirements can be a challenging decision for many Singaporean families. You will want to strike a balance between cost of care, health needs, and personal living preferences. Moreover, there are various elderly care options available, each with its implications involving seniors and their families.

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Enhancing the Mental and Emotional Well-being of Seniors: The Influence of Befriending Programmes

In the quiet corners of our bustling cities and peaceful rural communities, a silent epidemic is spreading, one that is as deadly as any physical ailment – isolation. For senior citizens, the sting of loneliness can be more detrimental than we realise. Studies have shown that loneliness is not just a fleeting emotion but a powerful predictor of ill health, often leading to depression, anxiety, and a compromised quality of life.

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