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Understanding Rehabilitation Services For Seniors In Singapore

Uploaded On: 15 Apr 2022

Upon recovering from a major illness, injury or planned surgery, your elderly loved one’s doctor may (order physiotherapy and send them to a rehabilitation centre to facilitate their recovery process) send by suggest sending them to a rehabilitation centre to facilitate their recovery process. Rehabilitation services for seniors stretch beyond physical therapy. It can also aid in restoring and boosting seniors’ cognitive abilities. In some nursing homes, rehabilitation services also include speech therapy for stroke patients.

When you do not have the right resources at your disposal, navigating the rehabilitation process can be quite challenging, which is why we are here to help. Read on as we explore the importance of rehabilitation services and how they can greatly benefit your elderly loved one.

What is Elderly Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation services have the potential to help seniors become more active than they were before. The purpose of rehabilitation therapy is to treat patients through a variety of activities, including physical exercise. These exercises are created to ease and speed up the recovery process. It is thought that by gaining strength in the body, pain can be controlled and injuries can be avoided in the future.

Benefits of Elderly Rehabilitation Services

1. Preventing falls

Preventing falls is one of the advantages of sending your elderly loved one to rehabilitation therapy. It is traumatising to experience falls regardless of age, but they can be particularly concerning when the person suffering from a fall is an elderly person. When an elderly person falls, it is usually caused by factors such as declining physical ability and poor balance, among others. An elderly person who receives rehabilitation therapy can minimise their chances of falling since the activities strengthen their body and help them to become stronger.

2. Reducing Infection

(Please do fact check) Some seniors are in need of rehabilitation therapy after going through a joint replacement operation, and this is often for their knees or hips. In such cases, rehabilitation services can be used coupled with medication to reduce the risk of infection. When they keep their bodies moving actively with physical exercise, naturally there will be an increased blood flow to the affected area. On top of that, the body has its own built-in immune system that works to combat infections.

3. Pain Management

Rehabilitation services in nursing homes are primarily aimed at helping patients restore their functionality, reduce their pain, and enhance their mobility. A good physical exercise program will improve the health of the joints and muscles, eliminating severe pain. In some cases, some seniors may become less dependent on medications for pain management as they gain strength from participating in rehab programs. Of course, this does not mean that they are going to put a stop to their medications; nonetheless, their consumption can be considerably reduced.

Rehabilitation Services For Seniors in Singapore

At the end of the day, the purpose of senior rehabilitation is to assist elders in recovering and resuming their favourite activities. Rehabilitation can bring mental and emotional health benefits in addition to physical health benefits, such as renewed self-confidence, less stress, and an overall better quality of life.

At Orange Valley, our rehabilitation centres are conveniently located within each nursing home. Our centres are run by a team of Allied Health Professionals who create specialised rehabilitation programs to help our patients heal as swiftly as possible. We provide outpatient rehab services as well! Let our skilled professionals help your loved ones stay positive and focus on their recovery! Contact us today to learn more about our rehabilitation services.