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Learning to communicate with a loved one with dementia

Dementia is a condition characterised by a decline in cognitive function, that goes beyond what is expected with normal ageing. Forgetfulness, struggling to follow conversations or find the right words, experiencing confusion, and having difficulty concentrating are common symptoms of dementia in your loved one. For this reason, communication can feel like a particularly frustrating task, especially given how important it is in the caregiving process.

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Caregiving tips: how to communicate better with my elderly parents?

Communication with elderly parents can be challenging because of their decline in memory, reduced ability to process information, hearing or sight impediments, and sometimes even separation from their friends or a community in Singapore. As such, learning effective methods to communicate with your elderly parents is one of the best ways to overcome these difficulties and encourage productive conversation. From preparing the conversation, using your body language to express yourself, to actively showing you care, we share just 5 tips that can make a positive change for your interactions.

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A Guide To Caring For Your Elderly Loved Ones

As 1 in 4 Singaporeans are projected to be over the age of 65 by 2030, many of us will be faced with the prospect of caring for or nursing senior family members. As such, it is crucial that we prepare ourselves as much as we can. With many elderly often finding home care to be the most comforting, our homes will need to be properly equipped to create a conducive environment for them. This is especially the case for those who require post-surgery care or have chronic health conditions that need to be managed well.

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