Your Partner in Ageing


A Dedicated Husband And Caregiver

Mr Lim Kheng Ann quit his job to care for his wife, Mdm Soh, after she was diagnosed with severe dementia in 2006. A few years on, she suffered a stroke and Mr Lim could no longer manage looking after his wife alone. He reached out to Orange Valley for professional help and Mdm Soh has since been in the care of Orange Valley Nursing Home (Simei).

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GeriCare Programme Graduation

“GeriCare Programme helped us a lot in enhancing our residents’ quality of life. It also aided us in rendering more efficient nursing care, making it easier for our staff to monitor residents’ condition,” said Orange Valley Staff Nurse Shayne, guest speaker, at the GeriCare Graduation ceremony yesterday.

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开放院内治疗设施 旺年护理之家让预约公众复健护理

旺年护理之家副总裁叶慧慧受访时说,她希望新中心能 为更多有需要的年长者提供其他护理服务,协助他们无 需住院也能安心、健康地原地养老。旺年护理之家位于马里士他 路的新疗养院已于本月开始营 业。除了提供118个床位,为有需 要的年长者提供舒适的康复空间 外,这家疗养院也开放院内的复 健治疗设施,让预约公众登门接 受护理。

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Rumah penjagaan Orang Valley ke-6 di Balestier

SYARIKAT Orange Valley Nursing Homes (OV) membuka rumah penjagaan keenam di Balestier. Terletak di 363 Balestier Road, pusat penjagaan lima tingkat yang dibuka sejak 2 Januari lalu dan diberi nama Pusat Penjagaan Orange Valley (OVCC) itu akan menjadi pusat pertama menawarkan khidmat pemulihan bagi pesakit luar.

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Orange Valley opens sixth home, plans Expansion

FRESH from opening its sixth location in Balestier, Orange Valley Nursing Homes is looking into expanding abroad and is also eyeing business areas beyond inpatient treatment. Lyn Edel Yip, the deputy chief executive of Singapore’s largest private nursing home operator, told reporters on Wednesday that the company is thinking of growing its footprint locally and in markets like Japan and China.

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